Vision For The Norfolk Sports Academy

Our vision is to identify and support talented athletes within the county so they have the opportunity to reach their potential as outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen; enhancing their personal experience of sport and nurturing them to become sporting ambassadors for Norfolk.

We believe that the NSA will achieve this by fulfilling the aims below.

Our Aims

  • To provide expert guidance for Norfolk Athletes which will allow them to fulfil their potential;
  • To offer an environment which gives individualised support to athletes in different disciplines within a community of shared endeavour and common aspiration;
  • Encourage the development of self-managing athletes supporting the greatest user experience possible.
  • To develop athletes who will become ambassadors for sport within their own community and county as a whole.
  • To optimise individuals' time so that they can achieve their sporting goals alongside work / educational commitments.

Criteria are used to assess the athlete’s level of current performance and judged if they reach the ‘Tier 1’ standards. Athletes need to be currently ranked in the top 10 in their sport nationally or part of the national squad within their chosen sport (UK home nations or EU countries).

NSA will look to mentor, monitor and guide athletes to achieve their potential, such as obtaining a professional contract or retention/ inclusion in a National Governing Body performance programme. These athletes will receive a personalised programme from NSA professional staff suited to their specific needs and to complement their existing training programme. Continuation of programmes for previous YNSA athletes moving to the NSA would be in consultation with appropriate NSA staff.

Tier 1 athletes should be 18+ years old and be ranked in the top 10 in their chosen sport with a proven record of performance or they represent their home country in a team sport. The sport needs to be from the list of Sport England recognised sports where priority will be given to those on our identified priority sport list. We would be interested in hearing from athletes who have a positive attitude to improving which is reflected in their dedication and commitment to training.

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Each Tier 1 athlete will receive a bespoke package of up to £1000 in either financial or in-kind support from the scheme e.g. workshops, subsidised professional services and access to Sportspark facilities. This represents a progression from the YNSA scheme where the award is £250 cash / £250 in-kind support.

In the future, the NSA and YNSA will be working towards introducing and supporting a second tier where athletes are performing at regional / county levels.

In addition to accessing Sportspark facilities, we are currently working with a number of other supporters around Norfolk and will be able to announce shortly those additional facilities that will provide free access to the Tier 1 athletes when perhaps regular visits to Sportspark prove to be difficult due to travel times.

The opportunity for athletes to meet up and attend workshops will be scheduled regularly throughout the year (September 2016 to August 2017) and the following list is an indication of what is coming up in our inaugural scheme year:

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