Norfolk Sports Academy Diary
1st December - 31st December Sponsors Month Event

January 2018

1st January - 31st January Fitness Testing
12th January - 14th January Workshop Weekend
19th January Sports Psychology Workshop
27th January - 3rd February Performance Management

February 2018

1st February - 28th February Sponsors Month Event
5th February - 11th February Sports Coaching/ Mindset Workshop

March 2018

5th March - 11th March Competition Preparation Workshop - Coaching
12th March - 17th March Junior YNSA Workshop with NSA
12th March - 23rd March Individual Athlete Meetings

April 2018

1st April - 30th April Sponsors Month Event

May 2018

1st May - 6th May Overseas Sporting Scholarship Opportunities Workshop

June 2018

15th June Corporate Games Participation
27th June - 28th June Royal Norfolk Show end of year celebration event